Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Harm Reduction Therapy Group - NYC area

This group is open to adults with a range of substance use issues who are in a variety of stages of change. The group will provide a safe, supportive space to explore the nature and meaning of members’ substance use and how it relates to the full range of other personal and life issues people face. The group also has a strategic focus on assessing harm, embracing ambivalence about change, setting harm reduction goals and developing individualized plans for positive change. A general goal might be for members to develop their healthiest relationship to substances whether that is safer use, reduced use, moderation or abstinence. The group enables open exploration, sharing of strategies and focus on interpersonal process in the group. A variety of techniques are taught including: “Urge Surfing”, awareness and relaxation training, self-monitoring, Decisional Balance, ”Microanalysis” of use patterns, the “Ideal Use Plan”, the “Game Plan” and “18 Alternatives”. We also explore how relational issues get enacted in the group and can get reworked in the group process.

Tuesdays 6-7:30 PM
Fee: $75.00

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