Friday, December 18, 2009

New interactive web application for problem drinkers

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new, evidence-based, web application, is a comprehensive, interactive, and personalized program, designed to help heavy drinkers successfully change their drinking. The elements of the program are listed below.

This is a subscription-based training program. Users can unsubscribe at any time.

Dr. Reid Hester, Director of the Research Division of Behavior Therapy Associates ( developed ModerateDrinking with funding from NIAAA. As part of this grant he conducted a randomized clinical trial of the effectiveness of the program (in combination with participation in Moderation Management). The study demonstrated that the program is effective in helping heavy drinkers change their drinking. An abstract of one of the papers reporting the results are available here.

A video demo of the program is available at

The elements of the program include:

  • Building motivation and self-confidence
  • Setting drink goals/limits
  • "Doing a 30"
  • Self-monitoring drinking (with personalized feedback relative to each user's self-determined goals)
  • Controling your drinking rate
  • Personal drinking rules
  • Self-monitoring urges to drink (w/ personalized feedback)
  • Identifying and managing triggers
  • Developing alternatives to drinking
  • General problem solving
  • Dealing with lapses and/or relapses
  • Considering abstinence as an option
  • Self-monitoring your mood (w/feedback relative to baseline)

These elements are the components of the MM program, both as it was originally designed and as it has evolved in the years since.

Our members have already enthusiastically used this software, as part of Reid Hester's original study. Perhaps others here will be interested in suggesting it to clients.

Ana Kosok, Ed D
Executive Director, Moderation Management

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