Monday, September 28, 2009

The Women's Therapy Centre Institute - 6 Week Eating and Body Image Groups Starting soon

Dear Colleague,

I want to tell you about some wonderful groups that The Women's Therapy Centre Institute runs on eating and body image problems. In a therapist led supportive environment, participants are introduced to the process of relating more comfortably to food and their bodies.

They look at the meanings of fat and thin, obsessive thinking, how to feed oneself when hungry and stop when full, as well as how to eliminate binge eating. Through our psychodynamic self attuned model, participants begin to identify the psychological issues that affect the woman's compulsive or restrictive eating and her troubled body image. These groups are a wonderful adjunct to ongoing therapy.

All of the groups are led by experienced clinicians, run for 6 weeks and cost $200. Please call me if you have any questions or would like to refer someone to a group. We have a group starting soon.


Wendy Miller PhD

For more information about the groups and other activities please visit the Women's Therapy Centre Institute at

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