Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A message from Kaytee Riek and the Health GAP (Global Access Project).


All over the world, drug users have been tortured or otherwise discriminated against by governments, all in the name of "drug treatment". These abuses, which have been documented in a recent report, include caging, caning, chaining, forced labor and other forms of punishment. Not only is this a violation of the human rights of drug users, but it further marginalizes people who are already at high risk of contracting HIV.

This week is the Int'l Harm Reduction Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Hundreds of drug users and advocates from all over the world are demonstrating and calling for the United Nations to take action to fight the torture of drug users. We will be presenting a petition to UN Office of Drugs and Crime officials to call on all UN agencies and bilateral donors working on drug issues to go further to denounce and address the deadly conflict between public health and law enforcement approaches to drug use.

Please join allies from around the world by signing this petition by the end of the day Wednesday, April 22nd, when the petition will be presented to UNODC officials.

And, if you're interested, check out this article in The Nation, Bangkok's largest English language paper, about the rally yesterday. You can see photos of the rally here, too. Thank you for taking action!-

Kaytee Riek

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