Friday, April 25, 2008

In the News: Report finds that Connecticut Prisoners have Serious Addictions

STAMFORD - Two-thirds of Connecticut's nearly 20,000 prisoners have serious addictions, and many need to be placed into treatment to avoid an overcrowding crisis, according to a report released Thursday by two non-profit organizations.

The report, commissioned by the Drug Policy Alliance, a non-profit that seeks reform of tough drug laws, urges the state to invest in drug treatment and programs to help former prisoners re-enter society successfully.

It recommends abolishing drug laws that carry mandatory minimum sentences and deal harsher punishments to offenders caught with drugs near a school, public housing project or day care center.

The report, co-sponsored by the A Better Way Foundation, a Connecticut non-profit that has pushed for changes in drug laws, also warns against enacting a three-strikes law in the wake of last year's Cheshire triple-murder.

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